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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Weigh-In and SacFit Saturday

Current weight is 175.5.  That is up 1.3 pounds from last week.  Since I changed my day back to Saturday last week I actually started the week pretty badly.  Used a lot of points on Saturday and Sabrina (that would be 1./2 half of my followers) made a cake that we of course ate every night until it was gone.  Only 2 workouts also contributed.  As the great philosopher Pumbaa once said "Leave your behind in the past".  This week will be better.

SacFit Saturday was  a really good workout.  Missed having Jess along (the other 1/2 half of my followers), but I understand why she was not out there.  We did 8.5 miles today and they flew by.  At the end of the workout I felt like I could go a few more miles.  I am trying to keep my run intervals at a 12:00 pace so I don't wear myself before the end of the run.  Today that worked pretty well.  A few times I found I was going 10:00-11:00, but I was able to slow it down.  Previously I was doing a 9:30 quite a bit and that took it's toll towards the end of the workout.  I know at this point I need to gain stamina rather than speed so I can shorten the walk intervals and eventually lengthen the run intervals.  Overall pace was 14:43 which is good for a long run day.

The toughest part is doing the training, but not having any races for this season.  Too many conflicts for me to commit to a race, so I just look at it as advance training for the marathon training next season.

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  1. I missed you guys today! Hopefully after Monday's sports med appointment I will be back to running with the reds! Great job today!