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Sunday, March 14, 2010

SacFit Saturday

The day started out pretty chilly, but it was a great day for a workout.  We were scheduled to do 7 miles, but ended up doing 7.32 because of where we started and where the group was meeting.  Jess is having IT band issues so she joined our group for the workout.  She seemed to have a good time and her pace was about 30 seconds faster than when she is running with her regular group.  It was a bit breezy for the last few miles, but overall it was a very good workout.

After the workout I was able to have a nice cup of coffee and an apple while Sabrina did an 11 mile "test" bike ride to get used to trail riding for her triathlon training.  One of the ladies she was riding with a a problem with her bike chain and helped fix it to get them on their way.  They had a good ride and I got a nice cup of coffee.  Wins all around!

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  1. I did have a good time! Thanks for having me!